1. Cash payment upon receipt of shipment:

The cash on delivery option allows you to pay the amount of the order  upon delivery to the specified address , only when you see the goods in front of you. Cash on delivery payment is made exclusively in cash, to the delivery person  at the time of delivery  to the specified address. In case the recipient is not able to receive the shipment at the defined delivery address at the time of delivery, the delivery person leaves a notification about the arrival of the shipment.

  1. Payment by card:

Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners, Premium Visa  one time

The MBPLUS  service allows users of debit Maestro, Mastercard ®  and Visa cards issued by member banks of the  MBNet  group to purchase in installments and/or with deferred payment at physical and selected online sales points.

Cards of the  MBNet  group that enable purchases in 2-12 installments have the MBPLUS or MBCARD logo printed on the front or back and are issued by Erste Bank and the following banks of the MBNET group:

  • Slatin banka
  • New Croatian bank
  • Istrian credit bank
  • Erste Bank
  • Agram Bank
  • Kentbank.

Diners and Discover credit cards  up to 12 installments in the amounts:

Minimum amount 300 eur – up to 3 installments

300 – 600 eur 3-6 installments

600 euros and more, 12 installments

  1. Burmese payment

When choosing this payment method, you will receive  a proforma invoice to your e-mail address  with all the information required for payment, including the account number to which you need to pay the value of the order. You can then make the payment using internet banking or the way you normally pay your bills – through the bank, post office, Fine, etc.
After receiving the payment, we will start processing your order. As the dates of order creation and payment receipt may differ, it is possible to move the delivery date.